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The Black Notebook

Night Grasses - English-language readers will be pleased to hear that in 2016 another of Patrick Modiano’s novels was translated from French and is available in the UK. If, like me, and Subscribers to this blog, you have become addicted to Modiano’s writing then this one should be a real treat.The original French version, called L’herbe des nuits has been around in paperback, at least, since May 2014, its literal translation would have been, well, Nights’ Grass, Night Grasses, the story itself holds a clue as the narrator searches for the lost words of a manuscript from the 1960s, one is put in mind of the lines from a poem by Mandelstam:
What pain - hunting for the lost word, lifting these sore eyelids, And, with lime in your blood, gathering night grasses for alien tribes From Osip Mandelstam's poem 'January 1, 1924'
Literary TourismBut my interest is that Modiano’s novel may unlock literary tourism to the book’s opening location in Paris, the secret but ever-changing backs…

Updating my web-site for the new academic year

Just back from fieldwork in Paris, where I went to watch progress on that important tourist site, Notre Dame. You can just see in my photograph the scaffolding around the missing spire, which was only added around 1844 by Viollet-le-Duc to replace the one removed in 1786.  Also did some reconnaissance work at The Hôtel de Lauzun, on the quai d'Anjou of the île Saint-Louis; this private mansion house was designed by  Charles Chamois in 1667.

Now updating my web-site in preparation for the new academic year. Please take a look at the new links from there to teaching resources and research publications.