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I may be exaggerating in stating that my desire to travel was born because of my love of books. This notion had never actually crossed my mind until I got involved in Charlie’s project of analysing the effect of narrative on travel. By the age of fourteen I had read nearly every book J.R.R Tolkien had written. I wanted to explore Middle Earth. And eventually I did, four years later I spent over a month in New Zealand exploring everywhere from Hobbiton to the peak of Mt Ngaruhoe (commonly known as Mordor)! But what does one normally do before travelling to a destination? Why of course read a travel guide. The Lonely Planet, Rough Guides or any other guide. And I too have done so multiple times. Yet this time I am heading to Concarneau and all I have read is a novel; The Yellow Dog by Georges Simenon. And this is where the beauty of books is revealed. You conceive in your mind an idea, a picture of what you read. From reading the novel I have my own idea of what Concarneau looks like. …


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”, this is probably my all-time favourite quote written by St Augustine. I want to travel. All my life I have wanted to travel. To discover new places, the remoter the better.  It is only when traveling that I feel truly at peace with myself. Any journey is for me as much a journey of self-discovery as of discovery of an unknown environment. In just under two weeks we leave for Concarneau. It is still too soon for me to have the butterflies in my stomach as one might have just before leaving on any trip, but excitement is mounting. This time anticipation for travel is greater than usual. I would classify myself as a very spontaneous and last minute traveller. On the 3rd of January I went to Paris, I booked the flight the day before!! This time planning and research have gone into organizing the journey. I think this is the first time I've read a book set somewhere and then specifically planned to go and visit that…

The Unknown Town Project

The title of this web journal or web-log is drawn from the work of Antoine Compagnon where he writes of the novel as being like an unknown town, in which he wanders:

Un roman est comme une ville inconnue dans laquelle je déambule.  (Compagnon 2006, 798)
The postings to this Travel Journal, or Carnet de Voyage, are by Antonio Nobile acting as a case participant for the field research of Charlie Mansfield.  The Unknown Town Project has a whole range of aims: 

to develop travel writing and journal writing skillsto test the themes discovered in contemporary travel writingto provide a corpus of textual data on which grounded theory coding can be appliedto ask 'what is tourism knowledge?' and see how it is created by writingto explore how value is created for visitors to explore Concarneau (our ville inconnue) with the aid of the Georges Simenon detective novel, The Yellow Dog (Le Chien jaune).    Each day through the planning, reading and travelling AN will take one of these 16 themes …